Lanzarore Powerboat Training and Charter

Own Boat Tuition

All of the RYA certification powerboat courses, including ICC tests, and non-certification courses can be undertaken on your own boat if required. This is an alternative option to consider and provides you with the benefit of being more cost effective, plus giving you a better understanding of your own craft's handling characteristics and the equipment carried on board. Another benefit is that the tuition can be carried out either on a one to one basis, or with your regular crew or family members.

I am also able to spend time looking at the safety equipment, electronic equipment etc that you have on board, giving advice that can help you get the most out of it and impartial advice on any other items you may consider purchasing.

Also, by training on your own craft the majority of what I cover will be relevant to your particular needs.

Terms & Conditions of Own Boat Tuition:

If your own boat is to be used, there are certain criteria which must be met as follows:

1. Firstly, an assessment of your vessel prior to the commencement of the course will be carried out and if, in my opinion, the vessel is not deemed fit for the course to be undertaken then the course will be cancelled. In making this assessment I am to be given the opportunity to take the vessel on a short trip to assess its suitability. In the unlikely event that your vessel is considered unsuitable then, if it is feasible, I will offer the use of my own vessel for the course, subject to an adjustment in the course fee.

2. Whilst the Instructor's reasonable demands must always be followed during the duration of the course, the vessel owner will assume the role of skipper throughout.

3. Proof of adequate third party and public liability insurance must be produced.

4. The vessel must be adequately equipped for the course being undertaken as follows:

4.1 RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2 Courses, ICC Tests & Non-Certification Courses:
• Lifejackets for each person on board • Hand Bailer
• Flares • Bilge pump
• VHF radio • Rescue throwing line
• Anchor and rope • Boathook
• Compass • Fenders
• Fire extinguisher • Knife
• First aid kit • Local charts
• Toolkit & basic spares • Spare battery isolator key
• Spare kill-cord

Please note that I reserve the right to amend the above equipment requirements as I think fit.

Course Costs for Own Boat Tuition:

Level 1 Powerboat: 200 Euros

Level 2 Powerboat: 375 Euros

Costs for tuition on your own boat for non-certification courses will be charged at a rate of 50 Euros per hour.